Experience something completely new. Some historians have said that the popular Thai massage was adapted from ancient Khmer healing practices and massages that date back to the Angkorian Khmer Empire. During a massage, the therapist will concentrate on different parts of your body to really work those muscles. You will leave feeling wonderfully relaxed, balanced and blissful.

90 mins – 40 USD++ / 120 min – 50 USD++


This stimulating treatment can invigorate your body, boost your energy, relax the senses or motivate your mind through the use of different essential oils derived from plants, flowers, seeds and leaves grown right here in Cambodia. There are six celestial-scented essential oils to choose from, with each one specifically formulated to combat individual complaints.

60 mins – 30 USD++ / 90 mins – 40 USD++


Around the world, one of the most popular wellness treatments is the Swedish massage; your therapist will combine a variety of techniques to help loosen up tense muscles, ease joint stiffness and counter any stress. Using oil to lubricate the skin, the therapist will practice gliding massage strokes with kneading, in addition to quick, firm strokes.

60 min – 32 USD++ / 90 mins – 44 USD++