This treatment can help you beautifully.We using produce the best quality for our customers
Toner ,mill cleanser ,gentle scrub cream ,massage cream ,mask, serum ,and moisturize cream the professional facial care to balance and restore skin .the facial designs to promote beautiful and radiant skin .this exceptional facial combine with a gentle face ,neck and
shoulder massage that detoxifies and promote blood circulation
to revitalize your skin

45MN 30 USD++ / 60MN 45 USD++


We use cucumber toner and natural plan yogurt with black sticky rice gently exfoliate your skin ,removing dead skin cells help promoting cell glow Mango mask ,Banana mask ,cucumber mask ,and Aloe Vera mask is associated with longevity and preserving youthfulness ,It work as natural moisturizer and encourage the growth of new skin.

45MIN 25 USD++ / 60MIN 35 USD++